No Good Deed : Not complex enough

Not complex enough

This movie would have been great if the plot had been more complicated. The exploration of Colin's mental health doesn't dig deep enough. I wanted to see his childhood, his previous relationships. And we could have known more about Terri, too. A disturbed, obsessed, and possessive man who feels he deserves love, but who has been abandoned many times. A lonely, frustrated housewife who had to quit her job to raise the children of a man who is cheating on her... The movie touched upon these themes, but it didn't commit, didn't push it far enough, and it turned out pretty lackluster. Knowing more about the two main characters would have made some of their silly choices seem rational, and the viewer would better be able to suspend disbelief. This movie had potential to be as psychologically thrilling as Silence of the Lambs or the suspenseful and brilliant "I Love You" segment of the Theatre Bizarre (I know, it's obscure), but it failed miserably. It's sad, because I adore both the leads, and I liked so many elements in the film.

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Completely agree!

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i was expecting him to kill more people.. meh

i've got feelings too, ya know - inbetweeners

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Nah it wouldve been too long of a film.