No Good Deed : Can someone please explain what his plan was?

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Re: Can someone please explain what his plan was?

What was he planning to do? All that just to prove her husband is cheating on her?

He thought the husband was due home soon. He planned to maintain his cover story until the hubby was inside the house then kill him, possibly after making him watch his family die first.

Re: Can someone please explain what his plan was?

I don't 100% think that Colin was going to kill Terri and the kids.

Like Terri pointed out in one scene, if he had wanted to kill her, he would've done it when he had the chance, and he had the chance several times. He killed Alexis, he killed Meg when she pissed him off, he killed the police officer after he pulled them over in the car, plus he had a gun on him the entire time.

AND. . .Jeffery (the cause of all of this BS), the main target that entire time ended up walking away with nothing more than a sore jaw, a divorce (most likely) and a dead mistress.

I get that Colin most likely wanted to kill Jeffery for sleeping with Alexis, but he wasn't a stupid man. Reckless and narcissistic, but intelligent. I mean he had to have known that Terri didn't know that her husband was having an affair, so what was the point of terrorizing her the way he did? Was he really going to wait until he could confront Jeffery before he hurt Terri and/or the kids?

Did Colin really not have a Plan B?

I really actually liked this movie, and I absolutely get that the makers were trying to throw a lot of twists in there that confused us but were actually supposed to make sense later on. But even for a psychopathic, malignant criminal (with serious jealously issues), the producers kind of made it obvious that they sort of just dragged out that key element of the storyline in order to keep up the suspense.

I mean it worked, but it left more loose ends than it tied up.

Re: Can someone please explain what his plan was?

I don't think that Colin believed that Jeffrey was away with his father and thought that maybe he was actually meeting Alexis. That's why he went to the house with Terri, after all it was either kill her or take her with him. I believe he felt a bit sorry for Terri as she was being cheated on as well. After getting to the house, I think his plan was to kill Jeffrey (if he showed up) or hide until he (Jeffrey) got home, then go back to the house and kill him.