Cody Horn : horrible actress

horrible actress

And I thought Kristen Stewart was bad.

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Omg thank you!!! I was scared I would come here and people would call her beautiful or oscar worthy!! But you just proved to me that there are normal people on imdb!!

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Is it a new trend to go from board to board commenting on how weird looking or ugly someone supposedly is? A positive statement every once in awhile can be self-rewarding in itself.

You were scared people would call her beautiful or oscar worthy umm, what? The fact that I disagree with the statement itself is irrelevant but the general manner of the posts here see5b4m disturbing to me.

If I were a shrink, I would probably point out that since she was a romantic interest in a movie starring several attractive male leads, there is a possibility that her presence on screen could be perceived as threatening and that there is a connection between proving she is untalented and unattractive and proving your sense of worth but I'm not a shrink so I won't point that out.

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You seem very disturbed. My mom is a shrink, maybes Xanax can help you. Just kidding!!

Let me rephrase, please. Very often it happens that I see a film where an actor isn't a good match for the role and on their message board there's only stuff about how hot they are and how they deserve that certain award.

This actress is not attractive. But what's worse than that was her acting. She was very stiff and non responsive. It doesn't take a shrink to connec1c84t the dots. Her dad is in Hollywoodhollywood picks connections over talent. Connect the dots.

Everyone has an opinion tho, and this is just mine. If you're interested in my positive notes: Rachel McAdams is an amazing actress, very present and great sense of humor. Anne Hathaway, also talented, very suiting for melancholy though I've always enjoyed her comedies as well. Jennifer Lawrence, I love her!

And of course we also have actors who aren't attractive at all but super talented and of course we love them too. In my opinion, talent comes first.

This girl has nothing. I'm sorry.


Even though magic mike was terrible she totally sucked!!!!!!

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I just started watching Magic Mike halfway through and all I could do was laugh at the girl on the boat, who was supposed to be staring out etc, but looked like she was the worst actress doing it.

NOTHING about this girl's performance was natural and when she started talking, that just cemented it.

Pretty girl, but a horrible actress.

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I saw about 5 min of her on White Collar and said "she has to be someone's important's daughter. Then i can to this and what do you know maybe he could pay for some acting lessons.

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I am still in shock how bad she is. I hope she see's these comments and gets a different job instead of ruining movies. She's that bad she would probably ruin scary movie 6 if they made one.