Boy Meets World : The pilot

The pilot

The pilot episode of Boy Meets World does what a lot of shows fail to do when making their first impressions on their viewers – it brings you completely in. You know exactly how this cast of people operates their lives after spending twenty-something minutes with them. You see how the Matthews’s work as a family, and what their bond is like, and you see how our hero, Cory, independently in the world. He puts on a front of the indifferent eleven year old, hell-bent on being “just a kid”.

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Re: The pilot

I appreciate the first season for what it is but I never really go back and watch any old episodes. I usually stick to season 2 and on.

Re: The pilot

There where three different "eras" of this show.

Season 1 was more of a standard 1980s family sitcom, the suburban middle class family, with 2.3 kids and Minkus the nerdy classmates/friend.

season 2-4 became an almost fantasy with some unrealistic situations that teenagers definitely could not have pulled off.

Season 5-7 was more of a young adult comedy/drama like Dawson's Creek