Eden Taylor-Draper : Eden Taylor-Draper (2)

Eden Taylor-Draper (2)

She continues to amaze me - now she is getting dramatic scenes to herself, like bossing Shadrach around. I like to watch her when she isn't speaking or doing anything much, but she is still totally into her character. I think of her as a modern-day Shirley Temple.

Re: Eden Taylor-Draper (2)

She Is So Good, I Love It When She Acts Cheeky Lol, I Love Eden,And Isnt She Adorable?? Aww I Love It When She Isnt Speaking But Is In Character Aswell! Shes So Sweet, But I Love It When She Talks Also, Because Her Voice Is So Cheeky And Practically Makes Emmerdale Bubbly Lol! Dont Forget To Vote For Eden As The Best Young Actor At www.insidesoap.co.uk xx