Rick and Morty : Belching makes the show unwatchable.

Belching makes the show unwatchable.

Seems like a great show, and I really WANT to like it, but the constant belching is repulsive. Just can't take it. Far from a prude and love just about everything Adult Swim puts out. Why all the belching?!?

It's not fun or funny. Just vile.

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"It's not fun or funny. Just vile."

That sounds like literally everything adult swim does except for Rick and Morty and the Venture Bros. The only two original shows they make that aren't total crap. Seriously Adult Swim sucks big time now. The only other ones worth watching are the shows others make and they get the rights to replay. Who ever runs their network needs to get canned and replaced by someone who doesn't think their crappy live action parodies are anything other than a waste of time and the 20 dollars they used to film them.

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So the belching makes it original and good?

I don't get it. It seems like a great show but as soon as Rick belches I have to turn it off. We get it -- he's an alcoholic. The belching is just disgusting and unnecessary. The drool isn't great either but at least I can turn away and listen.

If the belching is what makes the show edgy and fun, well, that's just pathetic and sad. Will happily keep watching all the other Adult Swim shows that don't need to cater to that juvenile bs.

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The belching is one minor insignificant factor in the show. It shouldn't take away from the quality often especially when you consider that most of the networks lineup is full of disgusting and unnecessary humor which you claim to watch.

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It's not insignificant. He belches in every show.

What really sucks is I'm a huge sci-fi and animation fan. Without the belching I'm sure it would be one of my favorite shows. But I can't take it. It's just so disgusting.

Maybe somebody will edit out all the belches and offer the series that way for the public. That's the only way I'll be able to watch it.

Couldn't watch the South Park queef episode either.

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Person 1: I hate the show because of the belching.

Person 2: I like the show, it's funny and original.

Person 1: So you're saying that the belching is exactly what makes this show worth watching??!

Why is earth so filled with people like Person 1? Try making your point without speaking for the opposition (incorrectly). Putting words in people's mouths and then twisting them to suit your argument makes you look like an idiot.

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Re: Belching makes the show unwatchable.

rick is gassy

Re: Belching makes the show unwatchable.

uh, the belching is integral to the character.

Love it.

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I agree that in the first episode the belching is kind of annoying. After that they toned it down more but its an integral part of Ricks character. It's not really that big of a deal and doesn't take away from the show. And in some cases its pretty funny. "Rickety Rickety *belch* Recked Son!"

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Get to episode 4 and the belching will be significantly less prominent. They definitely overdid it in the pilot

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Would you also say Beavis and Butthead is unwatchable because of the laughing?

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Of course not. Laughing is not offensive. Love Beavis and Butthead. In fact I have the entire series as initially broadcast by MTV with all the music videos.

Maybe keep streaming the original version but offer a "belch-free" special on blu-ray?

I'd buy one.

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Why exactly do you find belching and drooling to be offensive? Are farts also off limits with you?

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You'd belch too if you'd drunk as much as Rick.

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That drove me nuts at first too, but I pushed through it because I loved the stories so much. I still think they overdo it but it calms down some later on, and once you're won over (which for me took a good 5-6 episodes), it stops interfering so much.

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I hope at some point in season 3 he burps and belches so much that he's unable to lecture Morty. That's my dream.

Re: Belching makes the show unwatchable.

Well, it's part of his character so one would think get used to it or stop watching. Easy as pie.

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He really doesn't belch THAT often. Plus there's so many other adult swim shows that show people being decapitated or ripped apart, much more unsavory things than a burp. If it's really enough to keep you from watching this comedy gold then you must have had a bad experience in childhood that involves burps. Did someone hold you down and burp in your face or something?

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Seems that you may have misophonia.

Your insensitivity is offensive, Sybloc

Don't watch if you can't get beyond it. It's a small part of Rick's behaviour. My aunt suffered from this affliction for a long period of time. Both her children died, one from a brain tumour and the other in a road accident. Both were horrific blows and came after she had been widowed. I don't know how she survived. The loss of my first cousin nearly killed me. We were as close as sisters. We lived in the same house until I was four and shared a bedroom. She was my sister. I still miss her and she died in 1963 when I was 7 years old. I shall miss her until I die.

These family tragedies took a huge emotional toll. They made Aunt Juanita tense and nervous. As a result she swallowed air and belched when she spoke, just as Rick does in this series. She couldn't help herself. She was treated with tranquilisers and therapy. It's Rick's medical condition, just as it was hers. After a number of years of grieving, it passed.

It's Rick's medical condition, just like my dear Aunt Juanita. If this medical affliction is something you find you cannot accept, change the channel or turn off your television. This is written into Rick's character for a reason. One of the writers or creators must have an Aunt Juanita of their own.

If you've never come across this before, that's your lack of experience. You know what to do now. Adjust and accept. The world will not change to meet our expectations. That isn't how it works.

Bored now.