Nate Parker : Some things to think about…

Some things to think about…

First off the idea that he was acquitted. So? Acquitted doesn't mean you were found means you were found not guilty two separate things. It doesn't mean you didn't do something simply because you're not in jail for it. It jsut means that in the opinion of twelve human beings the prosecution didn't prove their case, which literally means the defense just put a smidgen of doubt in your heads that you MIGHT not have done it. If there is any realistic way that the story that the prosecution is trying to sell the jurors isn't true in a criminal case, under our jury system, the jury is supposed to vote to let the guy off. Our founding fathers believed it was a hundred times better for a guilty person to go free than an innocent person be punished. I believe this is true, because punishing the innocent is wrong, and also because in many cases, punishing an innocent person also frees the guilty.

Second, the idea that Celestin was found guilty. So? People are found guilty in court cases all the time and later found to be innocent. This does not prove Parker is a rapist, nor would it prove he wasn't if Celestin would been acquitted. Our jury system is not perfect because news flash: jurors are human beings, and human being make MISTAKES.

Then there's the fact that the accuser committed suicide. I won't say so to this one because this is a tragedy. She was a human being. I didn't know her or ever meet her, but the loss of a life has to be thought of as a tragedy (with exceptions such as Osama Bin Laden or Hitler, but I doubt she was like them). She was obviously suffering. Whether the incident with Parker contributed to her taking her life I do not know. However, we can't be sure whether it did or not. She could have been bi-polar (I suffer from bi-polar so I am not making light of it) or had any number of other mental illnesses. Parker saying "he's not sorry" that's she's dead may seem callous, but you have to see if he DIDN'T rape her, he has nothing to be sorry for. If he DID then he's a scumbag.

Then there's the eyewitness. Many people on here are damning him for that. Many justice advocates have said though that eyewitnesses are the most unreliable piece of evidence that are used in court cases. They can be coaxed by prosecution, they can lie for their own benefits, they can be good intention but remember wrong, either through not seeing the situation for what it really is, feeling sympathy for the victim and a24 creating a story in their head, or lying to themselves.

Okay so what about the phone call? it proves nothing either. It COULD be the lady damning him for being raped. However, if you read the transcript of it, she was trying to figure out what happened (or at least seemed to have) even if this was the case, it doesn't prove his innocence. Rape victims are often confused after being raped. They block out what happened, as many victims of tragic events do. I was in a motorcycle accident where I nearly died and don't remember a damn thing about it even though I was conscious for the whole thing. Too painful. A rape is worse.

Then there's the fact that the young lady threatened to sue the school and other classmates. Does this prove Parker's innocence? No way. She might have been suing them for making it an unsafe environment.

What about her supposed mental illness before hand? Doesn't prove she's a liar. Mentally ill people don't always have a lose grip on reality. They can go in and out of reality, and this time she might have had a clear grip.

So what am I saying? WE DON'T KNOW. I'm not judging anyone for having an opinion about this man. A person who doesn't support him doesn't necessarily do it because they're racist and a person who does doesn't because they necessarily are a sexist. Most of the time women who report rapes were indeed raped. There are doubts about this woman's story though. Am I saying he didn't do it? No. Am I saying I don't believe he did it? I'm not posting my opinion here. I'm saying that anyone who insults others because of their opinion needs to let it go.

Don't want to see this movie because you think Parker is a rapist? Great. You're doing what you you see morally as the right thing.

Want to see this movie because you think it's powerful and an important part of history and don't think he did it? Great. You're doing what you you see morally as the right thing.

TL;DR: Do what YOU think is right and don't judge others because they do something different WE DON'T KNOW IF HE DID IT.

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Thank you. Your rational, reasoned expressions regarding a complex, and often difficult, situation are thought provoking.

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Doesn't the phone call transcript prove that Parker tried to cover up about the other man (Celestin) in bed with her? Why would he lie about that? That tells me he knew she was passed out, or "in and out of consciousness" enough not to remember much of anything that night, so he proceeds to gaslight her about the events. Also, the forensic toxicologist testified that by the time she was in Parker's room, the amount of liquor and Prozac pills she ingested would have caused her to be at least impaired physically, mentally, and unable to move.

Based on her physiological state, how in the world could she have given consent? Parker has even admitted that his own definition of consent has "evolved" over the years. In the past, if the girl didn't verbally say yes or no, he took that as a green light.

He's a rapist.