Donna Tartt : Secret History film?

Secret History film?

When will The Secret History be made into a film?
Who will play the various people?
I can picture Andy Richter as Bunny.


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Seems like I read a while back that Gwyneth Paltrow was at one time being considered for the female lead. But I think they've missed the boat on that casting - I think she's too old.
I never considered Andy Richter as Bunny. Interesting. But he is tied up with that new masterpiece on Fox "Quintuplets". Jeez.
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Re: Secret History film?

I just now finished reading the Secret History & stumbled across a Donna Tartt fansite on the web.
There are posts in which people discuss the Secret History being turned into a film but I didnt think it was actually going to happen. I thought it was just fans hoping.

I would like to see Jake Gyllenhaal play Richard.
And Alison Lohman play Camilla.

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Re: Secret History film?

mon casting idal:

Heath Ledger, Henry
jake gyllenhaal, Richard
Kirsten Dunst, Camilla
Paul Bettany, Charles
Jamie Bell(a little younger), Francis
peter Saasgard, Bunny

Julian by anthony Hopkins

but they're gettin older now

Re: Secret History film?

James Franco - Henry
Michael Pitt - Richard
Ian Somerhalder - Francis
Jessica Biel - Camilla
Chris Klein - Charles
Justin Berfield - Edmund /Bunny/

Ian McKellen - Julian Morrow

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Re: Secret History film?

I agree with some of you on the casting especially radclyffe21 but switched around a bit. I would have to say :

Kirsten Dunst-Camilla (I did used to think Gwyneth Paltrow)

Michael Pitt-Charles (used to think Jude Law)

Jake Gyllenhaal-Richard

Hayden Christensen or Ryan Gosling-Henry (used to think Matt Damon)

James Franco or Ian Somerhalder-Francis

Julian-John Malkovich

Ah now Bunny/Edmund is a hard one, still don't know but would have to say Ryan Phillippe.

Ooh its tricky.

Re: Secret History film?

this film would be impossible to cast, let along make!!

i could see jake gyllenhaal as richard and i liked the malkovitch as julian suggestion, but the rest of the characters simply have no hollywood e2000quivalent. unless they used the italian neo-realist technique of using amateur actors, i can't see this movie turning out well. if he were younger, philip semour hoffman could pull off a great bunny, but henry and camilla are uncastable. no one in hollywood could imiate camilla's pure, unmade up beauty or her mysterious appeal, nor could anyone capture the secret strength undeneath henry's bulky stature.

Re: Secret History film?

My ideal cast (of what I can come up with now) is:

Tony Shalhoub as Julian

Dan Stevens (IV) (from the British TV series "Line of Beauty") as Richard

Elden Henson as Bunny

Leelee Sobieski or Rosamund Pike as Camilla

William Lee Scott as Charles

James Franco as Francis

Paul Bettany or Simon Woods as Henry

Re: Secret History film?

bettany is way too old

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True That was a slight problem, but then we can pick the other guy instead, he's almost an exact copy of Bettany, except that Bettany looks more albino and Finnish..haha.

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Re: Secret History film?

Casting will prove to be one of the most difficult tasks if this novel's made into a film.

The actors playing Charles and Camilla MUST be brother and sister in real life. There's ABSOLUTELY no way around it. You can't have big names playing Charles and Camilla, it's quite impossible. Why? Because they must share a resemblence to one another. This matter of twins will prove the second most difficult task after the screenplay, which, when you really think about it for a minute, is near-impossible in accomplishing to even a satisfactory result.

Onr simply cannot have any recognizable faces in any of the lead characters. Except perhaps Julian, who I think would be played terrifically by Brian Cox.

Everything, EVERYTHING about the film must be pitch-perfect from start to finish. From the design phase all the way down to its release must be a masterpiece.

I think The Secret History will never be made into a film and I hope it never will. It's my favourite book in the WHOLE world and I'm entirely in love with it. I don't want the whole world to see it. It's a privilege for the chosen few.

If ever one attempts to recreate The Secret History for the screen, you must make an adaptation that will, to quote the book, "live forever."

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I'm quite surprised by some of the suggestions here. There were some rather detailed descriptions made in the book about the characters appearance that seemed to have gone straight over people's heads.

Here's what I gathered:

Richard- tall and freckled and good-looking.
Camilla- dirty blonde, light gray eyes, slender, delicate and stunning
Charles- ditto above.
Francis- brooding, redhead, lanky, and attractive/striking.
Henry- huge and bulky with pale skin and strong features.
Bunny- baby faced, boringly goodlooking, blonde, tall, rosy-cheeks.
Julian- err I forgot his description. x]

Re: Secret History film?

Kerry Condon must play Camilla

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Re: Secret History film?

Richard: Joe Dinicol jpg

Henry: Robert Pattinson

Bunny: Anton Yelchin or Toby Regbo

Francis: Rupert Grint

Charles: Hayden Christiansen

Camilla: Clemence Poesy

I think Clemence Poesy would be great for this role. She looks a lot like how Camilla was described in the book, and Hayden Christiansen looks kind of like her. I liked other peoples suggestion of Alison Lohman too.

And I think Anton Yelchin would be great as Bunny.

Re: Secret History film?

Robert Pattinson - Henry
Felicity Jones or Carey Mulligan - Camilla
Alex Pettyfer - Charles
Thomas Sangster - Frances
Harry Melling - Bunny
John Hurt - Julian
Zac Efron - Richard
Rupert Friend - Cloke Rayburn

Re: Secret History film?

Interesting story behind my casting.
Started the book in '09, couldn't get into it because I didn't like the cast. So I dropped it. Picked it back up out of pure boredom in January 2012, and found this nifty little blog (below) which suggests an ideal cast for it. It is, in my opinion, genius. I used almost EVERYBODY from the list. Olly Alexander is, in my mind, Francis Abernathy and since I love the character, I am now obsessed with Olly too. Here's who I saw:

Richard - Joseph Gordon-Levett, KIND of. Because he's the narrator I almost saw myself as him, since we're seeing through his eyes. Maybe Anton Yelchin would be good.

Henry - Henry Cavill

Francis - Olly Alexander

Charles - Jamie Bell

Camilla - Mia Wasikowska

Bunny - Chord Overstreet (good LORD this casting choice affected my opinion on him - couldn't stand him in Glee)

Julian - Christopher Lloyd.

Here is the fantabu2000lous link: -history

Re: Secret History film?

Henry Cavill good choice, but maybe a bit too handsome? I have been dying for this to be made into a movie for YEARS. I wonder if we will ever get our wish.

Mia is an interesting choice too Camilla is tough for me to picture. A beautiful blonde English actress (who can do a credible slightly Southern American accent as Camilla)might have the correct sort of poise per Tartt's descriptions.

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For me I keep picturing Brie Larson as Camilla.
Max Thieriot as Charles.
I like the idea of Rob Pattinson as Henry, although Twilight tainted him for me a bit.
I know Francis is a redhead, but I keep seeing Ezra Miller in my head and I don't know why.
As for Richard, I haven't got a clue. Maybe someone unknown? I don't know.
I can't think of an actor that would be perfect for Bunny either, although maybe an unknown actor for his character would be a good idea also.


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Re: Secret History film?

If you want Robert Pattinson as Henry then I want William Shatner as Julian that idea is just as *beep*ed up

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Re: Secret History film?

Now that The Goldfinch is in development, I suppose that it is at least possible Secret History might be filmed. If I were casting director, I'd be tearing my hair out as the roles are so specific. There's only one Charles, one Camilla and so on.

Melanie Laurent could play Camilla, she has a great talent and a fascinating face.
Philip Seymour Hoffman would have been Bunny years ago, but now
Robert Pattinson for Francis.
A young Edward Herrmann for Henry. Is there one?