Kirsten Vangsness : lipstick + gloss

lipstick + gloss

Her character Garcia must reapply it at least 50 times a day. Honestly. It's always shiny and blinding! Lol

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What kind does she wear?

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MAC would be my guess. I'm a MAC Addict (and have been for 16 years) and notice a lot of her Lipstick & Lipglass colors look *VERY* familiar. The show's MUA probably uses a lot of MAC's various types of Lipsticks & their "Lipglasses" (what MAC calls their lip glosses because they really do shine more than glass!), especially their Dazzleglass Lipglasses, Lustreglass Lipglasses, Plushglass Lipglasses & Pro Longwear Lipglasses, along with a clear super-shiny top coat.

her lip gloss


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MAC would be my guess.

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She can also use Liquid Lipstick from private line
Super Longwearing! Super Shine!

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I think it's funny that you posted this because I have seen MANY people wearing just gloss with lip liner (which looks ridiculous) and all the women (and maybe some of the men?) are clearly wearing false eyelashes. It's ridiculous. As the offspring of LEOs and going to the Police Academy, myself, I can absolutely state that women don't have ponytails or out-of-control make-up. I know it's "For TV" and they are eye-candy but 12 foot eyelashes? It's beyond ridiculous.

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