The Goldbergs : Cassingle?


Cassingle = Cassette single. Since the record was making its way out, the 45 was being replaced by the cassette single.

(I know, I know…vinyl is making a comeback. However, that's another story for another time. )

I still have a few cassette singles sitting around somewhere.

I had never heard the term cassingle…until last night.

My parents said they were a waste of money. The cassingle was as much as $3.99 (Canadian), while if one bought the whole cassette, it cost $12.99.

Looking back, I now agree with them.
I mean…now that I can buy individual songs on iTunes for as much as $1.29.

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Re: Cassingle?

I always figured that if I liked one song, I'd probably like the whole album. I purchased hundreds of LP's, maybe five singles in my life.

Re: Cassingle?

The only singles I ever had were ones that came with things I bought like a fast food meal, jewelry or shampoo. I have an old single tape somewhere from Tiffany. It came with shampoo according to the slip on cover. I really can't remember the single tapes ever being sold by themselves but I guess they were.

Re: Cassingle?

I never heard the term cassingle either. Honestly never. I don't think I ever bought a cassette single. I bought cassettes with the whole album on it and records. I also bought blank tapes and my friend would tape albums for me.

Re: Cassingle?

I owned plenty of singles back in the day and never heard that term. The great thing about singles were the B-sides. You'd get songs that were left off the album, covers, or live performances.

Re: Cassingle?

Oooo! Oooo! Maybe I can get some vindication for my incorrect claim that "goths" didn't exist in the '80s.

I actually DID hear and use the term "cassingle" back then, and may have a few stored away somewhere.

Re: Cassingle?

Apparently the term was around back then. But I guess since I didn't buy them, it slipped my mind. Goths were definitely around back then and the term as well.

Re: Cassingle?

Cassingles wer often cheaper than $3.99 where I resided in the USA. And sometimes the b-side featured a song that was not on the album.

In the '90s some artists released cassingles as cheap as $.49. It was a good way to make their song look like a hit.

Re: Cassingle?

LOL - I remember the cassingles very well. Didn't last long, though.