Police Story 2013 : Awful editing!

Awful editing!

It is not often that I will slam a film for bad editing but this story is very bad.

I think maybe someone should have talked about the probability of the story occurring first, and then the editing that happened to make it look so bad last.

Worse Jackie Chan film I have seen.

It's a long story

Re: Awful editing!

I got about 25 minutes in before I had to shut the movie off. The editing is a huge eye-sore. It's almost unbearable. The constant cutting kept taking me out of whatever story they were trying to present and I had to focus on just interpreting the visuals that constantly keeps changing, for no seeming reason. At first I was hoping the constant, unprovoked quick cutting was just a bad attempt to create some energy during the scenes taking place in the club, but then we go to a scene of just Jackie and his daughter in a room, and it just keeps cutting, cutting, cutting with no care for geography.

Since Jackie has a clear philosophy for editing and shooting action scenes it might improve later in the film, I didn't stick around longer to find out. But the first short action scene was also not good at all.

Re: Awful editing!

Jaun ted it 2 be better.