Daredevil : Stupid Karen

Stupid Karen

Watching the last episode of season 1, Karen's stupidity has led to Urich's death. Why do they always have to make the women act like this? without thinking about the consequences of their action? Because of her stupidity and naiveness a good man died, I wish he told Fisk about how it was karens idea so that fisk could kill her sorry ass. Absolutely hate her for this, now she is shedding tears at his funeral.
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Re: Stupid Karen

I agree that Karen is not entirely blameless in Ben Urich's death, as she used false pretenses to take him to that nursing home (claiming that it was a place his wife could be checked into). But Ben is also at fault. It was his making a scene at the Bulletin offices when Ellison refused to run his piece, that tipped off Fisk's mole.

Besides, Ben seemed to have an idea that Fisk had come to kill him the moment Fisk asked him, "Were you alone when you spoke to my mother?" He lied and said he was alone specifically to protect Karen. It helped that Karen had already killed Wesley, the only other person who knew she'd been there with Ben.

Re: Stupid Karen

Well, fifty years ago, they had the women stand ten feet away from any knock-em-down fight between the hero and whoever. They raised their hands to a position roughly framing but not touching their faces, and said dramatic things like "Oh! Oh! Oh!"

Today they'd have the female sidekick pick up a vase and try to hit the bad guy over the head, thus saving the hero's life. However, they don't always succeed.

But be glad over the improvement.

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