James Winburn : Michael Myers.

Michael Myers.

Everyone remember in Halloween (1978) he played Michael Myers for a brief moment when Michael gets shot.

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I was just trying to find out if Winburn played Meyers in the whole movie except for that scene where Tony Moran is playing Myers as the mask is taken off. Who the heck plays Myers for the majority of the film? To find this out I sent Tony Moran a message on Myspace since he has a page and hopefully he will clear it all up for me. Here is his webpage address on myspace if you want to add him as a friend or ask him a question.


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Throughout the majority of the film, Nick Castle was the man behind the mask. Debra Hill and even John Carpenter himself wore the mask in a few scenes.

Tommy Lee Wallace appeared briefly as Michael Myers in the famous closet scene with Jamie Lee Curtis. It was Wallace who got jabbed in the eye with a hanger and stabbed by Jamie Lee.

In the very next scene when Michael rose from the ground and shifted his head to the left, Tony Moran was wearing the mask. It was also Tony Moran who was shot six times but James Winburn fell from the balcony.

In addition to his own "death" scene, Winburn also helped Jamie Lee Curtis prepare for her stunts, such as falling down the stairs. He was the stunt coordinator for the film.

I hope that answers your question. Great talking to a fellow "Halloween" fan.

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A few things wrong with the above message. 1. Carpenter never wore the Myers mask as Myers. Carpenter played Myers when Dr Loomis played by Donald Pleasance goes to the hospital and he sees Michael Myers walking around unrestrained and then Myers jumps on top the car and after the nurse gets out he drives off in the car. Carpenter Played Myers in that scene only which was unmasked. Also Tony Moran NEVER played Myers masked, the only scene Tony Moran played Myers was the unmasked scene at the end. And Winburn played Myers with the mask on while getting shot at the end and the fall off the balcony after being shot 6 times by Loomis. that whole scene at the very end was Winburn as Myers. Hope this clears everything up.

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A few years ago, I would've worried about being wrong about everything I posted in the comment which led to your reply.

These days, I couldn't care less. I've moved on. Halloween and horror movies in general don't matter to me anymore.

Bottom line, it's just a movie, not a way of life. I've moved on to greater and better things, in more ways than one.

I hope THIS clears everything up. Hav2000e a great evening. Christ is Risen! :)

If it's useless information, chances are I already know it!

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Thats nice. But my reply was not to point you out as being wrong overall, but rather to clear up any questions that anypne has over which actor played Myers in what scene/scenes. Hope that clears everything up. Be Blessed.