Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens : Adam drivers (Kylo Ren) Dark voice

Adam drivers (Kylo Ren) Dark voice

First off his voice just made his part much more favorable . Perfect tonal balance IMO.

Ok many say it reminds them of a heard voice. I'm not sure I nailed it, per se, but I believe "Darkness" in the movie Legend is what comes to my ear/mind. When Darkness talks softly I hear some Kylo Ren in there. Raspy naisly evilness. Awesome!

I liked Legend, not the corniness parts but definitely the evil Darkness parts. Definitely not one of Tom Cruises best performances.

Re: Adam drivers (Kylo Ren) Dark voice

BTW, that was Adam Drivers real voice. Obviously modded. I found that interesting vs Darth Vader's voice.