Mr Selfridge : Harry + Mae

Harry + Mae

In real life, did they end up together?

Re: Harry + Mae

She was a fictional character according commentary at the end of the show.

something wicked this way comes . . . .

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Yeah, they stuck that in, apparently in order to give us the proverbial Happy Ending. It felt contrived, to me. Guess it wasn't a documentary! I think we could have handled the truth.

Re: Harry + Mae

I guess the producers wanted the show to have a happier ending because they were concerned viewers would've been turned off by the opposite? It was still a nice ending, though.

The only thing that really bothered me about this show - historically speaking - is the fact that Jeremy Piven DOES NOT look like 71 on the show (Selfridges' actual age in 1929). This show is obviously more historical fiction than history, but I still found it enjoyable to watch.