Mr Selfridge : Lord, Tonight's Episode Was Sooo Sad!

Lord, Tonight's Episode Was Sooo Sad!

Such a huge fall. I felt so sorry for Mr. Selfridge, even if it was inevitable, given his reckless risk-taking, and womanizing, as well as his arrogance. He was a towering figure and innovator in retail, who also fostered a family atmosphere among his employees and cared about them. That is his legacy.
Glad it wasn't a total loss for him, at least in the end of the series, even if the actual story was different.
I'm really going to miss this show.

I could be a morning person if morning happened at noon.

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I also felt bad. He is a Tragic story, the man worked so hard and ended up dying broke living with one of his daughters if I remember correctly. Great series finale unlike downton that kinda dropped the ball.

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I'll miss the show too but it ran it's course. it was painful throughout seeing such a unique and charismatic genius turn into Mr. Hyde again and again. So although I feel melancholy, I do not feel much sympathy for Selfridge. I certainly admire his business acumen. In watching the documentary about the secrets of Selfridge's, it is curious that so little is known about him until now. Not in America because he was an expat. Not in England because he was American ... so the historians and biographers explain.

Most of all, I will miss Mae, Crab and Miss Mardle. And all those glorious hats.

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I really thought they were going to stick with his real story ... until the last scene, when Mae appears, tells him she loves him and they walk off together. I was a bit disappointed that they felt they had to give him a happy ending like that. Mae was apparently a completely made-up character in the show (but I loved her).