Lee Tergesen : I saw him yesterday!

I saw him yesterday!

I was with my sister at the Apple store on 14TH street in Manhattan and she pulled me and said "Isn't he on Oz?" And I looked and it was him! I ended up sitting next to him while getting my ipod replaced. He was normal and nice, friendly, making jokes with the specialist. I wish I had told him I recognized him though.

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Why didn't you do that?
I envy you.
I would say: "My old good Toby, I love you".

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Oh, I envy you toobut don't be too hard on yourself - I know I would have too paralyzed in awe to say a word to him! :) I admire Lee Tergesen immensely - he is very handsome and an amazingly talented actor. Any performance he has to give is one worth watching, in my opinion.

And I *still* miss Tobias Beecher, even though "Oz" ended its run 6 years ago.

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I am behind the history. I think that's the way people say in USA.

I didn't watch HBO Oz when it was aired between 1997-2003. God, how I regret it!

Three weeks ago I started seeing it and now I am completely addict.

For me, Oz is the best TV show of all time and Lee Tergesen is the best of Oz.

Tergesen is the main reason for me to keep watching Oz on an on.

He's a great actor and, as I have read on internet, a great person. Wish I have the lucky to meet him on the Apple Store just to say how I admire him.

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Oh my god, if I ever ran into Lee I would say, "I love you, man!" because the movie I really know him from is Wayne's World. I bet he would just say thank you.

I think *beep* just happens, but that's just me.

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I would ask to see just how long a His tongue is. Wow. LoL

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If i ever had the opportunity to meet him in person i'd say that i enjoy his acting, that he's a great actor, ask for autograph and take a picture. I'd like to hug him as well.


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i've met him twice - once in like 2007 and again last november on my BIRTHDAY of all days. it was right outside the trader joe's by my job. we had an entire conversation and he was incredibly cool and very, very sexy.