Lee Tergesen : Terrifying in Monster

Terrifying in Monster

I liked Lee Tergesen in OZ and anything else I've seen him in, but man he was bloody terrifying in Monster. He has a small role as the very sleazy, sadistic, menacing john who picks up Aileen Wuornos (Charlize Theron) towards the start of the movie and subjects her to horrific sexual abuse. Essentially he is the last straw for her, the john from hell who pushes the already disturbed Aileen over the edge into becoming a full-blown insane serial killer. His sadism was so believable and creepy, I really felt for Aileen in that scene. I haven't been able to see Tergesen the same way ever since!

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Yes, he was creeepy!!!

To me, that is just the type of character I want to see him play on SVU Just picture Elliot going up against THAT guy Now would that be cool or what? They could use their Ozzy chemistry to have this person appear to be into El too then he discovers this guy is nuts.

He really REALLY needs to be the ultimate nemesis, sort of like Olivia D'abo was for Goren in CI SERIOUSLY.

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He did a fantastic job at playing such a bastard. I really hated him in that movie.

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holy sh it! That was him???!!! I remember that scene but d5b4idnt recognise him at all for some reason. I'll check that out again.

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"I haven't been able to see Tergesen the same way ever since!"

I feel the very same way. That scene in Monster was so horrifying and he was so evil I can barely even look at him at all. I just saw him in reruns of Desperate Housewives and his very presence has ruined the story-line for me.
As soon as I see him in anything anymore my stomach just hurts.

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I know what you mean! OMG he was such a creepy creepy scumbag!! I loved him as Terry in Wayne's World.but mannow I can't see him the same way!!!
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Didn't you ever see him in Oz?

he played a pussy for most of the 1st season, but then he snapped and went berserk. It was awesome.

Especially when he threatens his former abuser so damn creepy. He's an amazing actor.

I never saw monster, I guess I'll have to just for Lee :)

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lol:P really, really? did he really play a pussy? so your a pussy if you aren't a criminal and can't handle jail well?

i wouldn't say he played a pussy, he played basically a pretty upstanding white upperclass male lawyer who had lived a sheltered suburban life,

of course he isnt gonna react well in prison, i mean, criminals are douche bags,