A Walk in the Woods : A couple of unusual questions

A couple of unusual questions

when Bill Bryson is in den (near start of film) and listens to his voice messages:what are the persons (actors )names that are leaving voicemessages;
When Bill Bryson goes to outdoor camping supply store ,on entrance it says REI. Is that supposed to be a made up name for MEC(Mountain Equipment Co-op) [another outdoor Camping supply Store that is real]??
Can any1 provide answers??

Re: A couple of unusual questions

Well, REI is a real chain of outdoor equipment stores, and I think that's where the scene is supposed to take place (there isn't one in Hanover, NH, but they take a lot of liberties with locations).

Re: A couple of unusual questions

I didn't catch the names of the people who left messages. They didn't mean anything significant to me while he was listening. As for REI: It's very real.

They're, their, there. They're different. Trust me on this.

Re: A couple of unusual questions

Easily googled REI. www.REI.com Recreational Equipment Inc.

Pretty sure Nick Offerman doesn't work there, though. ;)

Re: A couple of unusual questions

OP - I also wondered if they used any well-known actors for the voices of his friends who left messages on his phone. I thought I almost recognized a few but couldn't place any.

Cool question.

Some mistakes are too much fun to only make once. ;)