Princess Diana : Happy Fifty-Third Birthday

Happy Fifty-Third Birthday

It's too bad the Princess of Wales didn't live to see this day. She would still be a beautiful woman, and perhaps the most famous woman in the world, as glamourous as Jackie Onassis and Elizabeth Taylor were in middle-age. But Diana would look younger and better than her fellow supernovas and be able to out jet-set any Kardashian on the international stage simply by virtue of her royal stature and humanitarian works. She would adore both Kate and Pippa, be very proud of William and Harry, and simply smother her beloved grandson Prince George with all kinds of grandmotherly love and affection. And she would be touted as the world's most gorgeous grandma. I just can't imagine her looking as stout and matronly as most grandmothers.

Whether she would be married to a Muslim billionaire is still open to speculation of the nefarious kind, but she might have been remarried to a Muslim doctor from Pakistan. If marriage to Dodi had ended in divorce, Diana would surely have then married Dr. Hasnat Khan. She loved him more than any man alive, including the one American billionaire she could have wed: Teddy Forstmann. Tina Brown speculated in 2007 that Diana would today be married to some kind of American hedge-fund billionaire. I agree. Who else could have afforded the most famous woman of the last millennium?