Blood Ties : POS Movie

POS Movie

Wow! How many songs did they use from Goodfellas to set up the same scenes in this movie? How did they get the actors they did for this POS?

This movie shoulda starred Richard Grieco and a Baldwin brother.

Re: POS Movie

I hated the music because it didn't seem to match the scenes. I'd rather have heard some suspenseful sounds than all that 70's stuff.

Goodfellas had better music to go with their scenes and it was loud just at the right moments. Like when Ray Liotta was driving in his car and the helicopter was above him.

The songs in this movie were lame.

Re: POS Movie

Richard Grieco and a Baldwin brother lmao. Such a true statement.

I've no idea how they got so many quality, well known actors to sign on for this weak ass story.