Andras Jones : Rick in NOES 4

Rick in NOES 4

he inspired me to get into martial arts which in turn sent my life in a different, positive direction. in retrospect, it was one of the better decisions i've made in my 30 years on the planet and he really inspired me to do things i normally would never have done. all of this from a horror movie that for some reason seems to replay in my mind over and over again. thanks andras! if i ever meet you, i owe you one!

Re: Rick in NOES 4

Right on. When I was in 4th grade and I rented this movie, I thought Rick was so cool for using "karate" against Freddy. Of course, even then I knew it was futile.

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Next time you work out put a bandana on and have Dramarama's Anything Anything (I'll give you) playing in the background. Whenever I practice my Kung fu forms at home I always do that.

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I can see it easily. Even though I dont remember this film in my youth. He sure kicked ass and would've inspired me like any movie. The Karate Kid, Kung Fu, Steven Seagal, Van Damme.

Glad a good movie inspired you to do good in your life.

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