Victoria Jackson : What does Weird Al Yankovic think of her now?

What does Weird Al Yankovic think of her now?

I know they were friends back in the 80s and 90s, and even briefly dated around the time UHF was made in 1989. Not sure if they're still close, but the reason I ask is that they seem like polar opposites now.

Al is so easygoing and funny and just seems like a chill kind of guy who would be fun to be around. He's quite creative and intelligent (all of the things Vicki isn't now, lol). While he's the type to stay out of politics and serious issues, if you listen to some of his original songs like "Trigger Happy" (a parody of gun nuts) I would guess his social and political views swing at least slightly to the left. He even came out in support of LGBT rights and gay marriage in 2013 (a rarity for him).

As such a fun loving guy, I simply can't imagine him agreeing with or condoning the way she acts and the things she's said in recent years. He's very classy and respectful, and doesn't seem the type to be confrontational, so I wonder if it's like they're still friends and he has good memories of the old days but he just avoids subjects like that. It would be interesting to know how he feels about her now though, if anyone knows?