Heather Hooters : Happy birthday Heather Hooters!

Happy birthday Heather Hooters!

We wish Heather all our best on her birthday today!

One year later!

We're still wishing Heather all our best, of course! She's simply fantastic! We love those big-boob models and Heather is one of the most lovable!

TWO years later!

We're still wishing the lovely, lovable Heather all our best, of course! We've proclaimed our love for big boobs and big-boob models all over the place, and it should go without saying that Heather is a great favorite, but why not say it! This gorgeous woman lit up the big-tit scene from the moment she appeared in print and on film--it couldn't be anything else but love at first sight! And every sighting of her since has been a joy! Heather, we just love you, girl, we hope you know that, and we really do wish you all the best!

Our mottos:

Good girls don't do porn, THE BEST do!

Porn is movies too!

(Yes, we kow heather is not really a "porn" girl by a lot fans' definitions, even though she appeared in Score Xtra 1 and did a little "light lez" work in some pictorials. We just offer these mottos in the spirit of things!)

Re: Happy birthday Heather Hooters!

Heather Hooters is lovely. I wonder where her is currently and her birth name...

Re: Happy birthday Heather Hooters!

No surprise Da Herminator is posting a happy birthday wish for this gal. He's like the Beach Boys in the sense that he always got around.

You've seen Guy Standeven in something since the man was in everything.