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The daughter

I'm really struggling to put together how this was actually his daughter and how her character never mentions anything about her past.

She meets this man who has been missing for 20 years (exactly how long her father has been gone) and she engages on this quest to help him find his daughter. Never once does she mention how her parents disappeared 20 years ago?? This just doesn't make much sense to me. How does she not know the name "Joe Doucet"??

Not only that, but the entire plot that puts the 2 of them together is so incredibly far fetched. How does our villain know that his master plan of getting Joe to bang his own daughter is going to work? What if he's so psychologically *beep* after 20 years of torture that he won't reach out to her? Or what if he's such a weirdo that she keeps her distance and writes him off? Or what if she simply doesn't want to jump into bed with a lunatic who is twice her age? Or what if the baddies at Sam L's place end up killing him? Wouldn't his whole evil plan have been for nothing?

Ridiculous writing for the villain's plan, that's for sure.

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I don't think she knew the true history of her past at all or she thought both of her parents were dead if she knew she was adopted. Keep in mind too that all the news coverage you saw after the killing initially happened was on the fake news show, so he wasn't the "household name" that was implied.

But as for the rest of the plan coming together I agree.

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I haven't seen the remake (nor do I plan to), but in the original it was explained that she had been manipulated and hypnotized since she was adopted at three.

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Yep and Dae-su was hypnotized as well. Park Chan-wook said on the commentary that she probably wouldn't have fallen for him if it wasn't for the hypnosis.

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This is where the original is just so much smarter, the bad guy basically hypnotizes them so they forget who each other are and it essentially makes them fall in love, wheres in the remake it is indeed very far fetched for him to just run into her in the park and then sleep with her where the bad guy supposedly had a camera set up ready for it. The whole relationship felt so forced in this one.

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Maybe she didn't know her adoptive parent weren't the real ones?