Oldboy : Sex Scene (spoiler)

Sex Scene (spoiler)

I couldn't help the awkwardness of the sex scene between Olsen and Brolin. not because of the story, but the actual film making and performance. I'm wondering if it was done on purpose?

I seen an interview where Olsen claims Brolin had a rough time shooting the scene because he has a daughter her age etc. If you watch the scene, he barely touches her! I understand that it's not a porn haha, but he doesn't look at her body, or touch it etc. it's just really weird

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Yes, awkward is the word. Absolutely unbelievable sex scene. It was like watching a Ken and Barbie doll having sex. No real sense of passion at all. I actually laughed during it.

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He hasn't had sex for 20 years + he knows there is a large age gap so he probably doesn't know what to do hence the awkwardness