Oldboy : Adrian is only kidding himself

Adrian is only kidding himself

So he feels that his family's incest relationship is fine. But he uses that as his method of revenge?. How sick

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adrian totally confused me. thank you.
he says that joe now feels how he (adrian) had felt...
well...unless adrain **** his sister...that cannot be true. so weird

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In a way, it has a kind of sick brilliance to it

He doesn't think incest is "fine" in general; he just accepted it as a family secret. The fact that the whole family got blown apart by its exposure proves none of them thought it was "fine." Just VERY private.

So now Joe, who exposed their secret, has the same secret of his own to protect. And if Joe would've thought it was messed up for Adrian's family to engage in the practice, he must now think of himself as nearly just as messed up.

I don't agree, BTW, just playing devil's advocate. Given how completely ignorant Joe and Marie were, and how completely tooled around they'd been by Adrian, Joe's not really blameworthy.

That said, he could've locked himself up just to ensure he stays out of Marie's universe, for her protection rather than his own punishment.

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Except he did not that this ADULT woman was his daughter. He is not guilty of incest.

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This is very late to the thread, but this is the salient post. Adrian's family "knew" from the start they were related, and engaged in and accepted their incestuous love. Joe did not know an adult Marie was his daughter. If he did, he wouldn't have engaged in the behavior. Basically, Adrian had to trick Joe to have sex with and fall in love romantically with Marie, whereas Adrian and his family did not have to be tricked.

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I could be wrong, but during the flashback of his father killing the family, Adrian appeared to be reaching for his belt buckle after his father walked in. I think he was perfectly okay with the incest, but since he knew Joe would be disgusted, it was logical enough to be used as revenge.