Jack Ging : Message to Jack from a Texas Girl

Message to Jack from a Texas Girl

Hey Jack, Remember me from 1969, Kathi Larson from Texas ? I ran into Chong not too long ago and asked about you... I hope that this message finds you and yours doing well... I am retired now and live in the heart of the hills of Texas.... If you ever want to just chat about old times you can reach me on Ebay, my ID is Kathiscorner..... I have some great photos that I took of you on Mod Squad that I cherish to this day... What a wonderful time I had living in Manhattan Beach back when things were so simple.... Ciscos, wow those were some fun days... Take care and hope to hear from you someday... Remember Dallas Echels? Wonder what happened to her, I would love to hear from her again.... Happy Trails to you and yours... Kathi