Cliff Emmich : Little House On The Prairie (Spoiler Alert)

Little House On The Prairie (Spoiler Alert)

Mr. Emmich gives a very powerful performance as John Bevins in the fifth season episode of "Little House" entitled "The Man Inside".

He portrays a man whose family, particularly his daughter Amelia, is ashamed of him because of his size. In fact, she is so ashamed that she refuses to acknowledge him as her father when the other children, including Laura, make fun of him.

Laura, upon discovering that Mr. Bevins is Amelia's father, is overcome with guilt for her insensitivity. She tries to apologize to Amelia, but Amelia insists that the man is not her father.

In the meantime, Mr. Bevins overhears a conversation between Amelia and his wife. Amelia tells her mother that she is ashamed of the way her father looks, adding that she didn't even want b68her friends to meet him.

Feeling rejected by his family, Mr. Bevins goes into hiding so his daughter won't be ashamed to see him anymore. Pretending to leave town to work for a railroad, he secretly moves into a storeroom at the school for the blind where he works for Adam and Mary. Working only at night, he begins to repair the school's seriously damaged roof.

In a freak accident, he is critically injured and faces death, losing the will to live. He is reunited with his family and regains his will to live when he realizes that Amelia is ashamed of the way she has felt towards him. He discovers that in addition to his wife and daughter, he is loved dearly by Adam, Mary, and the children at the blind school.

Great performance by Emmich. Up to this point, I had so identified him as Mr. Garrett from "Halloween II". After seeing this episode of "Little House", I will now probably think of him as Mr. Bevins. I read somewhere that he considers this role his absolute favorite. I can understand why. He gave a moving, sensitive performance, that, in my opinion, is worthy of an Emmy nomination.

Thank you for the life lessons, Mr. Emmich AKA "Mr. Bevins". I will always remember what you and the children at the blind school taught me. God bless you, always!

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Re: Little House On The Prairie (Spoiler Alert)

He was wonderful in this. I cried throughout the entire episode. He portrayed the character with such sensitivity and vulnerability. That episode meant so much to me as a physically handicapped person. Mr. Emmich is truly a gifted actor.

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Re: Little House On The Prairie (Spoiler Alert)

He's great in this episode.