Larry Drake : Frank Langella

Frank Langella

Am I the only one who confuses this actor with Frank Langella?
I haven't the slightest clue why i get them confused but there has to be some kind of resemblance....

Re: Frank Langella

I thought the same thing before. They look pretty similar.

Re: Frank Langella

I was reading an article about Frank Langella and thought to myself, 'Wasn't he in Darkman?', and that's how I ended up here.

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I saw him in The Outer Limits and thought he was Albert Salmi the whole time.

I guess it's like looking at clouds. You see one thing and I see another. Peace.

Re: Frank Langella

they look so similar

Re: Albert Salmi…

DEFINITELY MORE like Albert Salmi than Frank Langella.

"I AM El Señor Fernando PÓO (💩)!!!!".

Re: Frank Langella…

Sorry, NOT AT ALL! ONLY their height IS the SAME.

"I AM El Señor Fernando PÓO (💩)!!!!".