Don't Ever Wipe Tears Without Gloves : The End *** Spoiler ***

The End *** Spoiler ***

Hello there!
The other day I saw this really touching series which I am thinking about a lot and there is one thing that I have not properly understood. Who was the man calling Benjamin after Rasmus parents' death. He was a neighbor if I got it right? It was certainly nice of him to call but it felt a bit strange, in the end they have never met before. Did he just want to make a good deed? He planned Benjamins stay quite in detail (with the dinner and everything...).. Did I misunderstand?

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I was wondering about this too! Hope someone can enlighten me

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The man, Holger, was indeed a neighbour and close friend of Rasmus and his parents. I can't really remember how much they talk about him in the series, but in the books Rasmus's parents often joke about Holger never getting married, and he shrugs it away saying 'it just didn't happen'. In the end he invites Benjamin to come and see Rasmus's grave, and tries to talk him into staying over night, planning dinner and all. Nothing more is really said out loud, or even hinted upon, but I for one am led to believe that Holger has been a closet case all his life, and now he was hoping to meet up with another gay man. Maybe even wishing for more. I guess it's down to everyone's own interpretation; maybe he was just lonely after his friends' deaths and wanted some company.

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In the series, too, he is there at the parents' Christmas dinner, is asked if he never married and shrugs it off. I suppose it's easy to miss that bit.

Those scenes at the end were not my favourite part, perhaps because they seemed too tagged on and because the performance in question was not that strong. His appearance felt a little too odd.