Steel Magnolias : Robert Harling not fond of the remake.

Robert Harling not fond of the remake.

Contrary to another post, Harling isn't fond of the remake.

Harling isn?t a big fan of Lifetime?s remake.
?It was unnecessary,? he said of the 2012 update starring Queen Latifah, Alfre Woodard, Jill Scott and Phylicia Rash?d. He was familiar with African-American reboots and the smorgasbord of alternate versions performed across all ethnicities, and thinks it?s ?thrilling? that so many different groups have found universality in the play. The Lifetime version had ?remarkable? actresses, Harling said, but he wasn?t fond of the ?hacked-up, copy-and-paste job? the script received. ?It is the story of my sister,? he said. ?It did not need to be cut up so the commercials can fit. I have stronger words for that, but I just thought it was exploitation. Thank you for that question because I like going on record saying it does not have my blessing.?

Re: Robert Harling not fond of the remake.

I Hate Remakes!
This one Should Not have Been REMADE!!
The original was the BEST!
REMAKES are the Worst!!