Steel Magnolias : Was this a JOKE to the Southern People?

Was this a JOKE to the Southern People?

This movie should be either in the sci fi section or the horror movie section.
THERE WERE NO BLACK SOUTHERN BELLES on the plantation. Sorry. NOT then, NOT now, now they are just Ghetto with money. Still doesn't make this movie anywhere enjoyable, credible or believable. I couldn't cry but simply LAUGH at all the BAAAAAAD acting and the thought of it all. That is what made me pee myself.

Absolutely stupid!

These was suppose to be a all black cast like the original movie with a all white cast. I did not see that whywas there so many white people in the movie. The original movie there were NO black people but when there's supposed to be a black movie whote people are everwhere. Ihate movies lik this. Black movie can never be all black cast.

daisyRe: Was this a JOKE to the Southern People?

Goto a library--yes a library not the internet-- and do some research.
There were indeed afr am southern belles.
There was a afr am middle class and upper class .

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I was born and raised in that era in the DEEP South, I don't need a library book to tell me that history. IF there were any Black Southern Belles, they weren't from the south. They weren't part of normal society either. What are you talkin about anyway? it wasn't until the Martin Luther King movement that even allowed Black people to mingle with white. SHAMEFUL I KNOW and I do NOT condone it by any means. if you are talking about the '80's, yes there were a very, very rare elite that garnered social status but it was by no means the "NORM" even then. Even today, SADLY, in these small Georgia Towns, the towns are still mainly segregated as far as residential areas. Again, Sadly, many upscale neighborhoods that were built for the RICH white people in the 80's and 90's once a black family moved in, every white moved out. I AM NOT prejudice and I am ashamed at my town and always have been since my dearest most faithful and beloved friends are Black. Even when I was little growing up on a major farm, the Black people loved my Grandparents as my grandmother raised 11 kids, 28 g'kids and farm work was always needed. They all came to my Grandmother's house to help and were greatly rewarded. They were OUR family too. Sat at the 10 chair table in the middle of the kitchen and ate with us and we would have gotten a beatin for disrespecting one of them. Glad that I was exposed to a better life because that was a time when everyone helped everyone and everyone benefited from Farms. I came across disrespectful I know and I apologize, I simply thought the movie was a poor reflection of the "so called NORMAL" life was like for Black people up until even the mid 2000's here in the south. Just my view and experience. For other parts of the country, things may have been different. I loved the movie "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" simply because it did paint a picture of higher class Black people who garnered the Respect, Intelligence and Honor of any white person but that was for a priviledged few. Sorry if you took offense but these are just facts where I was raised. No, I don't agree but still just facts.

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You mentioned that when the upper class black people moved in, the white people moved out. Did it ever occur to you that when the whites moved out.... more black people moved in?... Turning those once rich white neighborhoods into black neighborhoods?... And that those black people who moved in began to form an upper class society that was different from those who couldn't afford to live in those neighborhoods? Very difficult for you to imagine; I know.

Also, PLEASE refrain from talking about how all of the black people who worked on your farm "loved you" and were a "part of the family." That will NEVER go over well with black people, and in fact it makes you seem like the racism is so ingrained in you that you don't even realize that you're being insulting (which may be the case, but you should never hope to come across this way). It is absolutely impossible to "love" a group of people coming from your position, and I can tell from what you have written so far, that they were acting like they loved you to keep their jobs. You have been completely dismissive of the concepts of this film, which leads me to believe that you would be just as dismissive to the details and realities of the lives your farm workers are living on a day to day basis. If they are pretending that they "love" you it's because their livelihood depends on it.

And also, what you consider "insulting" to a black person and what they deem insulting are probably two ENTIRELY different things. For instance: the flippant and condescending attitude with which you made your original post was extremely offensive to me. However it is clear that you didn't mean it that way. To think that all black people want to see is doom and gloom and oppression instead of getting lost in a story without having to think about how the characters should be living in shacks behind plantations shows how difficult it may be for you to care for those of another race. I'm sure that your heart is in the right place, but as of right now you come across as extremely bigoted, small minded, belittling, and quite frankly ignorant. I suggest that you get out of the "deep south" and expand your horizons. You might be able to make some REAL connections with people and hear a side of a story that you could never imagine existed.

Good luck.

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You sure have made an explosive and ignorant amount of assumptions. Bigotry is a 2 way street. In fact, I know more racist Black people than i do white. AS far as the neighborhood I was speaking of, you have NO concept of what happened. Yes, the white people moved out and more Black families moved in. Quickly, the houses became totally vacant and vandalized and now serves as a horrible reminder what destruction people's racism will do. The blacks could not afford the housing (what few moved in) and a few white's remained until the entire Gorgeous Neighborhood became an overgrown, abandoned and vandalized mess. It remains so to this day. I lived directly across the street in a Middle class neighborhood that I suppose was not appealing enough for the Blacks to move in and make their statement. As far as my childhood, you have no idea so anything you comment on is completely VOID of any truths. I grew up with these people. We did not see color nor did they. They were there in the good and bad times. We were all poor. My Grandparents farm just kept the family fed and those who helped. My uncle had a maid named "Grace" who insisted on wearing her professional uniform everyday. She raised my cousins due to their unmotherly mother. She remained in their household for 43 years. We called her Aunt Grace. She was as much an aunt to me as the mother of my cousins. She genuinely loved my entire family as we did her. Her children are still a major part of our family. Ties like that cannot be broken nor portrayed on some stupid movie. I absolutely abhored the movie "The Help" because it portrayed a part of the south so much different than where I grew up. When everyone is poor and trying to feed their families, things are different and loyalties take root. You apparently took everything I said and painted your own non existent picture of the case. Sadly, segregation is still a part of our small community. I went to an all Black church for years and they were my Family and called me as much. I was the only white member in it's 110 year history. Again, God's love abounded and crossed all barriers. I know some horrible black people who are racist and bigots and equally horrible white people. Each person is responsible for their own feelings, actions, attachments and Love. Your views taint you and therefore you can only see inside your box. I can see outside of mine. It is still hard for me to deal with Black people who choose to hold on to a hatred that my generation had NOTHING to do with and continue to punish everyone for something they themselves do not understand. True Love and Acceptance is rare but it does exists. I still remember my childhood with Great and Loving memories. You are so wrong. Yes they were there I'm sure to get their own needs met but in the process, bonds and relationships and families built on it until we all could count on each other. When the winter came and nothing was to benefit, they still came and were part of our family. It was a MUTUAL respect. But if anyone has ANY racism in them, you won't be able to see that. AS far as me insulting Black People, Why are 80% percent of my Best and dearest and trusted friends Black? Friendships that have lasted more than 25 years. I don't have ONE white friend who I love or trust as much. Am I racist? Possibly, I don't believe in inter racial marriages. Society is not ready to be kind enough to the children of those families. We all have some prejudice in us even toward our own people. It is life. Until we can ALL forgive the past, their will be no future without this horrible and destructive emotion. I really wish you had been more thoughtful before making those comments. That is my childhood and I treasure it. It was nothing like you painted. I can't help society as a whole except live by example and I try. A Barrier will always exists because hatred survives and outlives love. Satan is the Father of this world. Perhaps people think like you believe they do for the most part but every town is different and every family is different. I do not know where you are from but that accounts for most of all of your views. AS does mine. Anyway, Just be blessed and know that everyone doesn't feel like you think they do or motivated by the same things you believe they are motivated by. Again, God bless you and Yours. We may just have to agree to disagree:)

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It is really hard to understand everything written because it all blended together, but am I correct that you think the barriers between black and white people will exist as long as blacks can't move past their experiences decades ago with racism?

And it is with these barriers you say they bring on themselves, one of the consequences is there should be no interracial marriages? Because of barriers (such as "people are not ready for it") that you say all start with some black's holding grudges?

But you're not racist. Uh huh.

Oh, I'm sorry, you couldn't possibly be racist because you had a black worker who was so much like a member of the tamily, you called her "aunt," and most of your friends are black! Well, whoopty-doo.

The only thing you are correct about is we all have to work together to build bridges and have more understanding. Sadly, you don't even see what you are doing and what you feel that continues to BE part of the barrier. Your life story of people not seeing color does not make you the expert on how things can be better, especially when your post pointed fingers.

My life story is I'm from the a large area on the west coast, and the majority of people (normal, sane people of all backgrounds) see interracial relationships everyday, and they think nothing of it. Their children don't face stereotypical ridicule. I sure am glad all these interraccial couples did not avoid it because someone like you says "the dountry isn't ready for that." Clearly, much of your area has a problem with it, but that's not where I am. Thank God.

People shouldn't be holding off on things until ceetain barriers are broken. It is just going for such things that breaks the barriers. That and more open dialogue and understanding of all sides, the latter of which you are not there yet. You're still pointing and saying who is to blame... surprise surprise, you say it is some blacks still resentful. I'd be too if I heard people like you who swear they aren't racist and go and say things they don't even realize are. Ignornace at it's best.

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daisy, yes there are afrAm southern belles!

there are afr am southern belles
full stop.

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Southern Belles of all races exist today. Southern Belles originate during the 19th century before and during the Civil War and while there were a few black slave owners, I doubt they had daughters who acted in such fashion -- I could be wrong.


I am on the road less traveled...

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Found the racist.

Despite overt racism in the deep south, there were still many interracial relationships nationwide. The constitution of the Confederacy barred any man from office if he had a black wife because it did happen. Those black women were the ladies of their households and thus considered Southern Belles in their own right. The fact that you are ignorant in this point leads me to believe you assumed there were no black women in the southern aristocracy.Yes there were few, but then again geography matters. Mulatto women were considered especially exotic in Louisiana and the Mississippi delta regions. Marriage between a wealthy white man and black woman was not unheard of even given the taboo.

"Now they are just Ghetto with money." Ghetto is a seriously offensive term in black communities because you're basically calling someone trash. Sure some people have embraced the title, but I taught in a low income school once and the word was thrown around as an insult among the student bodies. The characters in this movie are FAR from ghetto and I assume you mean their just black which is another mark against your blatant racism.

You can criticize a movie without attacking the cast due to their race. The acting is bad. The writing is bad. That's not because there are black characters in the movie.

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Without a doubt the most ignorant thread I have ever read on IMDB. Steel Magnolias was a play and is subject to interpretation ... Just like there are many ways to perform Shakespeare ... there are many ways to perform this piece.

The title suggests the "female characters are as delicate as magnolias but as tough as steel". The magnolia specifically references a magnolia tree they are arguing about at the beginning and has nothing to do with "Southern Belles".

For the same reason a white person might not go and see an all black cast movie such as "Carmen Jones" or "Porgy and Bess", a black person might enjoy seeing an all black cast of a classic.

BTW ... The author of the play originally saw it this way and was instrumental in getting this project off the ground.

I personally enjoyed both films and the play in New York.