Steel Magnolias : Jackson


I like the portrayal of Jackson better in the remake than in the original. The original he seemed a little selfish and in this one he seemed to care more about Shelby. I not nearly as cocky as the first one.

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I like that they showed the fight on the night before. He really wanted to marry her,kids,or no kids. He was still a rich lawyer,right?

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Yes, he's a lawyer. Shelby and M'Lynn get into the conflict about how Shelby shouldn't work now that she's marrying Jackson (since he could support them both).


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Yeah,I know that's in both versions. Shelby should've listened,smh. Her stubborness is what killed her .

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Mainly M'Lynn didn't want Shelby to work because of the strain, it was just an extra point that she didn't have to, Jackson made enough to support them.

I too believe Shelby should not have worked after Jack Jr was born. It was too much, as we saw.

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She let her pride take over. I also think she wanted to show that she could still do things that normal people could do(be a working mom),and she was proven wrong.

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yeah like him more.

Part II

Do a movie thirty years later with Jackson Jr marrying the beauticians daughter.

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really? I disliked how he was in the bathroom scene before christmas. he seemed a little selfish and rude to her. she comes out of the bathroom and he was 'asleep' and he slaps her backside.

she was hungry and he wanted her to stay in bed. he yanks her back. then he says she's gonna get fat.


this guy as of now was a male chauvinist pig.

Oh God. Fortune vomits on my eiderdown once more.