Steel Magnolias : So Disappointed!

So Disappointed!

I started watching this and really tried to keep an open mind, but I had to turn it off after an hour. I’ve seen the stage play several times, with both known and unknown actors, and I’ve seen the 1989 version so many times that I’ve lost count. But I just could not get into this. Shelby was unlikeable instead of sympathetic. Ouiser was boring instead of lovingly abrasive, and had zero relationship with Clairee. And Spud wasn’t just a depressed, uninterested construction contractor, he was almost a poster boy for a spousal abuser. I really like Queen Latifah and Phylicia Rashad and thought that they would be terrific in these roles. I was so disappointed. Oh well, at least I saved one hour of my life. Does anyone think I would feel differently if I’d stuck it out for the full two hours?

Re: So Disappointed!

No. Watched it all the way through and it was not only the most disappointing remake I have ever seen but probably one of the most disappointing movies I have ever seen on Lifetime.