Steel Magnolias : WHO's RESPONSIBLE and WHY?


When i saw the preview a few weeks ago I was excited because I loved the original movie. I really expected more from this cast. What the hell happened?

Jill Scott/Truvy seemed to be trying way too hard with the southern belle thing. It made her character seem down right silly. Maybe because Dolly Parton is actually from the south she didn't have to try so hard and the other layers of Truvy's personality seemed to come out naturally.

Shelby (smh) this was truly a case of it's not what you know but who you know. She is suppose to be the most important character in the movie. If you can't relate to her how can you relate to the others? In the original movie Julia Roberts made this character worth wanting to know about. For example, I must have been about 12 the first time I saw it. I had no idea of what this movie was about when I was sitting in my room channel surfing but what got my attention and made me want to watch was the scene when Shelby has the seizure. Even at that young age it pulled me in and made me want to continue watching and know more about her. I know that when an actor is playing a character in a remake that it wouldn't be interesting to do the role exactly like the original actor. You should bring more to the character and make it your own but BRING MORE don't take away. I felt absolutely nothing for her character.

As far as Annelle I don't know who to blame. I guess the actress did the best she could with what was given. Her character's personality was cut down so much that we really didn't get to see who she was or why she was even there. Daryl Hannah's Annelle had so may different layers that it really showed her range and talent as an actress.

Latifah did a good job as M'lynn but Sally Field was much better. I'm not taking anything away from Latifah because she did really well it would just be unfair to compare her M'lynn to Sally Field's.

As for the rest of the cast I think they did a good job considering.