Steel Magnolias : Stop the madness! SM 2012 deserves credit, da#ent!

Stop the madness! SM 2012 deserves credit, da#ent!

I'm baffled by all the hate. It's not fair to compare a major motion picture to a cable television production. Do people realize the movie was shot in 18 days? Large movies have that if not more allotted JUST for rehearsal time and fittings. So everyone complaining about wooden acting, poor direction and lack of chemistry, know that. I think they did a good job, given their limited time, and reduced resources.

Also, and for those of you b!tching about the remake with a black cast, I think it was a bold move by the creative team and its writer. Art means risk!

I'm glad they didn't hip hop it out either, and give some ghettoized version of it, like they did to the "Wiz". They kept the same sensibilities, but flipped and updated it. The gays now have "accent" lighting as opposed to the 80's "track lighting", but they're all still called, Mark, Steve or (Rick was it), lol.

And are we still having the worn out Cosbyesque argument about class and race?! Yes, there are well to do, well heeled black people. Wake up people, it's 2012. Not 1812. Have you seen those people living in the White House?! They're not the Help (unless these idiots elect Romney and then WE ALL will be the HELP to the robber barrons hello, 21st FEUDAL ORDER (serfs and lords--haves and have nots)!

Like Sammy J said "wake the eff UP!"

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Thos is ignorance at its best. The movie was terrible for reasons other than it being a remake or shot with an all black cast. It was poorly executed. Of course there are well to do black men and women. Your comment is just as racist as you think posters are being about this movie. The point of the matter is this: it was poorly directed and shoot in too short a time span. The budget was minimal and some of the casting was poor in itself. There's no need to martyr yourself simply because people have different opinions from yours. I think it's great that you enjoyed it. If even only one person enjoys a film, I think they've done their job. But to try and make others feel our look like crap simply because they had their own opinions about the movie is childish at best.

Re: Stop the madness! SM 2012 deserves credit, da#ent!

My apologies for the tips. I'm typing on myphone. >.<

Re: Stop the madness! SM 2012 deserves credit, da#ent!

Well said!! I enjoyed and teared at both. It is the same timeless story. Look around in your life and see what character plays who in your eyes.