Steel Magnolias : it was forced…

it was forced…

I applaud the performances as I love the people they casted (for the most part...) But I feel the acting was forced. This movie completed a huge chunk of the film in ten minutes, when the first one took a more elaborate time with the opening...Annelles entrance into it happened so quick....and the wedding and reception just happened so fast, I feel like the film was rushed..and the dialogue forced...Maybe it is just me. I do like they included certain scenes the first movie left out the birth of the baby in the hospital. I wish we could have experienced that with Julia went from her being just finding out pregnant to the baby being a year old.....aaaaand I wish we could have had more of a story plot with Annelle and Sandy's relationship...see it grow a little more than what we were given...that goes for both films. I know they werent the MAAAAIN characters...but I feel they all shared equal importance of roles....Just saying :) That is all.

Mrs. Lovett you're a bloody wonder!

Re: it was forced…

I am watching the beginning online right now and I don't know what to think. the movie is also playing on tv and I just missed the beginning and I wanted to see how they handled the diabetic incident.

SO UNCONVINCING! she was in a trance. a paranormal trance. that was it.

she is talking about leaving when she is not able to move. the other version had her shaking and jittering. This she was in a paranormal trance. painful.

Oh God. Fortune vomits on my eiderdown once more.