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Liberals Versus Conservatives

The IMDb shutdown has revealed an inconvenient truth.

Conservatives are blaming IMDb. They say IMDb struck a deal with Facebook, or wants to censor negative information, protect itself from liability, etc... The mentality is, they are against us.

Liberals are blaming other IMDb users. They say we "peed in the pool" so to speak, we were too mean, expressed contrary views, etc... The mentality is, we are against each other.


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First off, if you would have gone to a extremely liberal filled user base board like the movie award one, you would have a different view, they to were mostly blaming IMDB, some signing petition and so on, but they quickly simply launched a new message board that they now use (not much of a difference, arguably the new platform is better).

Not sure why a blame is even brought up, in the first place, IMDB is free to do what they want and

It is human nature to pay 0 to use a message board and we tend to be a big source of problem for the host, it is just normal for the host to close it once they conclude that it is not monetizable, a source of problem specially when it used by less than 1% of the user base (and the one that have the most adblocker installed).

I think it did show that people are really deep in conspiration theory and wanting division of people against some others.

Most of the reason you pointed, better platform to make money with not hosting it yourself (facebook), protect yourself from liability, users that are mean and create a toxic environment that make normal people quit and studio not wanting to put exclusive content on the page, are all good reason to close it.

And give 2 good reason for Amazon to not close it, if you can ?

expressed contrary views,

Never seen that one brought up by liberals.

What block you to start a new IMDB but just message board, one for each movie and a couple of general, if you think it is a good idea ?

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Got any proof to back any of that up?

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They are both sides of the same coin.

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Both as opposed to the rational opinion that the IMDB boards aren't making IMDB that much money and they want to encourage using their social media pages instead.

I don't like the decision, but that doesn't mean I'm going to pretend it's an evil conspiracy. People who think that trolling played a significant part of this decision have an inflated opinion of the value most people put on forum posts (i.e, most people don't care)

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Actually, I said BOTH of those things--but I'll take credit for pool peeing metaphor.

There is too much OT political discussion on this board, but the problem isn't that right-wing/Trumpian trolls have driven sensitive "PC liberals" off the board--which they have--but that there are fewer and fewer intelligent conversations about ANYTHING going on here.

What I find funny, is the TRumpians are still trolling, but since there are no "PC liberals" or "SJWs", half the time they're just trolling ME. But I'm not a "butt-hurt" Clinton supporter (they're all out protesting), I just think you elected an unqualified clown with bad ideas who's very, very likely to be a horrible president, but I HOPE I'm wrong. Time will tell regardless. But my point is if you're trying to upset people, you're basically trolling NOBODY here.

Also, I have no problem with "contrary views", but Trumpians and troll don't have anything you can really call "views". Upsetting sensitive liberals, like trolling in general, is a boring activity, like shooting fish in a barrel. And, call me crazy, but I don't think you're going to successfully run the US by simply upsetting your political opponents at every opportunity.

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Like most of your claims about Liberals, you pulled that directly out of your ass.