Film General : The Last Jedi

The Last Jedi

This is clearly a fan made trailer. Nonetheless. The creator of it seems to be on to something. This trailer makes the title of The Last Jedi a lot more meaningful.

What does this cloaked Jedi put around his neck? What is the meaning of it? What message does it present to him? Is that Kylo Ren who enters the cave after the first cloaked Jedi is on screen? Does that mean The Last Jedi will give us a look into Kylo Ren's training? Will the narrative take place in the past and present? I wonder if the amulet is similar to the Sword and the Stone? Is that why Luke sent his best pupils in search of it?

Is that Anakin Skywalker destroying the Jedi temple? Or is it just a vision into his past seen through the eyes of another Jedi? Or, is it a prophecy? Does the scene take place before the rise of Darth Vader? If, so, was he trying to warn the other Jedi of Anakin's betrayal? Or was Anakin the last Jedi? Will this film give a history of the force? What the force is and the purpose of it?

“God created war so that Americans would learn geography.”
― Mark Twain