Film General : My Own Private Idaho (1991)

My Own Private Idaho (1991)

This movie was rated R for strong sensuality, language, and drug use, but I see that there is a opening scene where River Phoenix is receiving oral from a dude, a scene where Keanu Reeves and River and getting it on under the covers, and a sex montage (whatever it's called), where Keanu and the Italian lady are having sex. Can someone please explain this to me?

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Re: My Own Private Idaho (1991)

Both terms refer to the senses and worldly, physical gratification but sexual refers only to pleasure pertaining to sex while sensual refers to all senses including pleasure induced by touching pleasing textures, tasting and feeling textured foods, listening to and being emotionally compelled by different music and tones, being internally touched by literature and poetry and also visually touched through textures and colors.

I'm guessing you pretty much already know what sexual means, but if you're confused with the word sensual just think of it just like a bliss of the senses.

Also if you think of the word "sensual" as a tree with many branches, the word "sexual" is only one of its branches, while other branches could include things like great food, striking art, visually compelling film, and other extravagant luxuries that make your heart flutter just like sex.

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