Last Tango in Halifax : Nicola Walker (and Gillian)

Nicola Walker (and Gillian)

Help me out, those of you in England. Is Nicola Walker ethnic? I couldn't help but notice darker skin tone. Just wondering. Nothing nefarious in my thinking.

About Gillian. Why sleep with so many different men, including two really young ones? And in a short spate of time? Is she loose, or irresistible?

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Is Nicola Walker ethnic?
Well, yes - but so is everybody else. Are you trying to find out whether or not she's what's commonly referred to as Caucasian? Why? Would it make a difference in your opinion of her performance?

As for Gillian's sex life - if the character were male, you would never even ask that question, would you?

Also, spate is not the same as space and is, by definition, short.

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Well, FWIW, I would love to know what combination of ancestries created that amazing, unpretty-yet transcendentally beautiful face. It would by no means change my evaluation of any of Walker's marvelous characterizations.

Gillian does seem a bit sexually feckless. But - John is surely at least her equal - more so, since his conduct has been adulterous. Highly "questionable."

You are correct about space v spate.

Oh, right. So, she secretly trained a flock of sandflies.

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Here's my take on it:

Gillian suffers, really suffers, from a lack of self-worth. She let her husband batter her for a long time before she watched him die/killed him. Now she feels that she doesn't deserve Robbie because of what she did to his brother. She KNOWS that marrying Robbie without having told him about what happened with Eddie is going to cause problems down the line. She feels that she let her family pressure her into having a la-de-da wedding. She regrets not doing her A-levels, and is always reminding people that she was smart enough to have done 'em. She admires though also resents Caroline's success, and is always asking her for advice.

Having sex with whomever's around is Gillian's attempt to feel temporarily better.

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I also see her marrying Robbie as a sort of self-punishment. Especially after finding out that Robbie knew about the abuse and did nothing. He's not the man she thought he was.
She doesn't think she deserves better.

I love this beautiful character, for me she's the best part of Last Tango. There are so many layers there and Nicola gives a beautiful performance

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Awesome, guys. That puts things in perspective. These are angles I never thought of.

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I love this beautiful character . . . . There are so many layers there and Nicola gives a beautiful performance

Yes. I'm glad she got to work her comedic skills in the car scene leading up to her wedding. Two other comedic bits I loved:

Just after she re-encountered the Cheese Guy, when she's walking past the news display and picks up a paper (in which she later discovers Gary has disastrously spilled the beans that Alan is his dad) and furiously fans herself with it.

Her close-up later, where she's leaning on the store counter, the crazy intense expression on her face as she obsesses over the guy.

Great stuff. Can't wait for the next season.

Meryl Streep is a shape-shifter.

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I have no idea about her ethnicity and I don't think it matters in the slightest. I think she's a lovely girl and quite love the flawed character she portrays!

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Not to get all PC, but referring to non-Anglo people as "ethnic" defies common sense as well as being damn disrespectful.

And about your other question.maybe she just likes sex and finds younger men attractive. Would that not be the obvious answer?