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Halloween remakes

i wonder what Donald Pleasence would think of how his character Dr Loomis is being used in the new halloween 2,because its totally different to how this late great actor made the role his own,Rob zombie has turned the character into a grumpy,money grabbing old fool,and not the hero we all know and love from the original movies.

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He's cursing Zombie from beyond grave, for not being able to grow up from the crappy 12 year kid that he is to a mature man who is able to write good scripts with solid characters, and instead use some of the greatest characters in Horror history on his personal selfish vendetta against his own parents and the kids that bullied him in school.

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Halloween was going to be remade. Regardless of who made it. That said, I'd much rather have someone like Rob Zombie who did something DIFFERENT with it, as opposed to being like the c 1908 arbon copies that are other horror movie remakes. If your going to remake it, give me something new.

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I was actually kind of excited when I hear Malcolm McDowell was cast. I mean, I was expecting some semi-famous heartthrob. When they actually went with an older English actor, Malcolm McDowell no less, I had hopes.

I didn't mind him in the first one. He actually retained some of Pleasence's nobility. But the second one was a travesty. When you can mae me HATe Dr. Sam Loomis, you've screwed up.

That has always been my biggest problem with Zombie. Over and over, the good guys go bad and the bad guys are somehow presented as martyrs. It was that way with House of 1,000 corpses, The Devil's Rejects, etc, etc. It's like he can't do a movie without turning a good guy into an *beep*

I'm sorry, but there's nothing he could have done that would make Loomis as bad as Meyers, ever. But boy, he tried.

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I can't imagine Pleasence would have been thrilled. He didn't think much of the last two HALLOWEEN movies he was in.

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I actually thought that Donald Pleasence was really the only good thing about the last 2 "HALLOWEEN" Movies that he was in (I really did not enjoy both the 5th Movie and the 6th Movie).

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Pleasence was quoted as saying that the 5th HALLOWEEN movie was "Rubbish."

I have no idea what he would have thought about the Rob Zombie remakes or what he would have thought about the latest sequels. I agree that Pleasence is the best things about the 5th and 6th instalments of the franchise. They not only took an unnecessary detour into the supernatural, but they lost a lot of the atmosphere as well.

I enjoyed the latest HALLOWEEN movies. I just saw HALLOWEEN ENDS last Saturday and it wasn't too bad. I certainly did not dislike it as I have parts 5 and 6. My ranking is as follows.

HALLOWEEN [1978] and HALLOWEEN II [1981] are the best. I see them as one.
HALLOWEEN H20 [1998]

I only saw HALLOWEEN RESURRECTION [2002] once and don't recall a lot about it. I only saw HALLOWEEN [2007] once and was not really impressed. I did not see HALLOWEEN II [2009].

I do enjoy HALLOWEEN 3: SEASON OF THE WITCH [1982] as a standalone movie.

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Yet he still did one, after another.

I forgot the part where he had any integrity and where Carpenter gived a shit!

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"I was actually kind of excited when I hear Malcolm McDowell was cast."


Yep, I was as well.

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I definitely don't think he would have approved of it.

Honestly though when it comes to Rob Zombie's 2 "HALLOWEEN" Movies, I think that Rob Zombie almost killed the "HALLOWEEN" Franchise with his 2 Movies.

Thank goodness though for David Gordon Green, Danny McBride, Jamie Lee Curtis, and John Carpenter for all coming in and bringing it back to life with the 2018 "HALLOWEEN" Movie.

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He will be turning in his grave

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