Arrow : Its official.

Its official.

Being a vigilante is now fully legal and it is the new trend.

Doesnt matter if you kill bad guys or if you dont have the mentality for it.

If you want you can do it and you will be met with universal support from other vigilantes and law enforcement agencies.

Bravo to the writers! They managed to turn what was once [season 1] a great show into a huge disaster. Too much fantasy and too many inconcistancies. Zero logic or realism.

What a shame.

Re: Its official.

The police never gave an OK for what the new chick did. Hell, Oliver and the rest of the team were against at, although they understood why. And its hard to shed a tear over the death of some scumbag cop killer who proudly sold drugs to kids.

Also, Oliver didn't have much of a moral high ground because just second before she executed that guy in cold blood, Oliver blew up a helicopter and killed at least two or three people, including the pilot.

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Yeah I called total BS on that moment. The guy blatantly blows up a helicopter full of people and let the wreckage fall down on the street where who knows how many people could be walking and standing there at that moment. Then he tells her that she shouldn't kill this guy who has no good qualities when Oliver himself might've just killed a bunch of innocent citizens.

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The writers and directors care about zero logic, all they do is try and make Oliver look cool but he just look more dumb to me

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Difference is the helicopter was a threat. The guy she killed wasn't.

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Oliver could've lured the helicopter closer to the building so that when he shot it down it would've crashed on the top of the building.

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I was refering to the fact that the police chief immediately gave info to Green Arrow.

Of course i didnt shed a tear over the death of that scumbag. In fact i was glad that she what she did. It was probably the only realistic thing of the episode.

As for Olivers moral compass and actions....well this is where the inconcistancy part comes in.