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She is better than Siren

That scene where they watch Tina fighting for like 2 seconds, Oliver goes: oh look she is a better fighter and look she can focus her cry better, I mean what the F?
So from a 5 second video Oliver goes and decides to recruit her and to downgrade black siren just to convince us the viewers that Tina is the real deal. Writers I want to make you eat your scripts for breakfast!

Re: She is better than Siren

I don't understand why Oliver - currently in a death feud with Prometheus - is bothering to screw around and recruit a new Boa k Canary in order to honest his dead ex girlfriend. Its like.... priorities, dude.

Re: She is better than Siren

The funniest thing is how they found her so fast. This show I noticed likes to rush through things given they have 22 episodes per season! That's plenty of time to develop a good story. They found her and recruited her in 1 damn episode! I would have dedicated at least two good episodes for her finding and recruitment, but we know the writers, we know their imagination and story telling suck.