Arrow : Would it have been better...?

Would it have been better...?

if they had introduced Black Canary and Dinah (Laurel) Lance like they have done with this new character instead having her from the beginning and killed off? That doesn't mean they would get this new actress or Katie Cassidy (she would probably be doing something else). Who besides those two do you think should have played her?

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I've always maintained, and it's a rare area I agree with a lot of people I usually disagree with on here, that Black Canary should've been an active hero upon Oliver's return.
I'd have nabbed Katheryn Winnick or Yvonne Strahovski before Dexter nabbed her up.
Ideally, I'd also have not given them shared backstory and erased Sara from existing. But within the context of the show's backstory, I would have had it just be Oliver who "died" and Dinah (mom) reveals to Laurel she used to be a vigilante. She introduces Laurel to Ted Grant and the two train her to become Black Canary. We'd get a handful of flashbacks about that. When Oliver returns, they're sort of enemies at first because they're clashing over vigilanting. But eventually, they team up. Huntress would also be her "Arsenal" eventually.

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See, that would have been great. I didn't even mind the way they went with Sara, but they should have KEPT Sara as the black canary, cause her backstory and the whole flashback of her seeing the Canary on the ocean was VERY symbolic of her being the true and first Canary to viewers, and it was awesome. It was symbolic too when she became a true hero by saving that child from the burning building. What they SHOULD have done is kept Sara on as the Canary, started giving her HER OWN flashbacks to what happened to her after the island and her time in Nanda Parbat, her training to become Canary, and then cultivated her relationship with Sin as her sidekick. They should have kept Laurel on as a Lawyer that helps Oliver legally put away criminals, and then we could have gotten the awesome sister dynamic, eventually leading Sara on to become the Black Canary. But of course the writers aren't that smart....

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That would've been a great idea. I really do miss their sister dynamic. Katie and Caity play sisters really well. I really hope that Laurel shows up in some capacity on Legends this season.

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2 thing is for certain if KC had chemistry there would be no Sara and there would be an F/O/L triangle

But to bite the same non comic fans would be angry they killed of characters to bring in a canon character

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I feel that it wasn't necessarily lack of chemistry as it was Stephen Amell's difficulty working with actresses like Katie Cassidy - he has indicated how excited he was to work with Katie Cassidy in a starstruck kind of way before they met - he watched her other shows. Lots of actors have no chemistry but they made it work. It would have been different if the casting was more like Smallville's where they hired only relative unknowns for the younger roles.

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The word we all forget is dynamic some characters actors don't have chemistry but they have dynamic which they lacked
Willa and Colton I didn't think their chemistry was strong but the characters played off each other Colton had more chemistry with Bed if you ask me

Stephen and Katie never clicked yes they are friends but they don't

Stephen and Caity Lotz they have a strong emotional chemistry that rivals Emily and Amell

Emily is the full package I can't even explain it and everyone else falls short

Helena emotional chemistry
Thea have a fun chemistry and also there moments can go deep

McKenna had a good dynamic no romantic chemistry

There is lots of factors you can use the writing as an excuse but when Olicity is talking about other Love interest it just looks like they want to have sex on the desk

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I think it definitely would have been better if they had introduced Dinah Laurel Lance as the Black Canary from the first episode of 'Arrow' and had her come from 'Gotham' with no past ties to Oliver Queen looking for a person who killed her Mother (the original Black Canary). That way they could have done away with the sisters storyline which was awful to say the least and they could have had Dinah as an equal partner to the Green Arrow instead of just a sidekick further down the line. I would have also gotten rid of her Father, her mask and her being a lawyer altogether and mixed it up with Dinah Drake and made her the lead singer of the Black Canary band who played a series of live shows in Star City.😃


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