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Affleck won't direct solo Batman film

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I knew this would happen after the release of "Live by Night".

Live by Night, was meant to be a three hour long movie. Affleck let it slip in an interview that the script was close to one hundred and eighty pages long. The final film was released with a run time of two hours and nine minutes. Characters were cast and cut, characters that those who have read the books know to be of great significance to the story. Lehane, who in the past has been honest about his opinions on the adaptations of his books, admitted that what Affleck had done was quite genius. Unfortunately we won't get to see it play out.

That being said Affleck can do it all, and has proven so with "The Town". His become disillusioned due to the critical backlash of his passion project, which in all honesty wasn't terrible. I'll still see the film, however i can't say i'm not disappointed.

That being said; i predict after the DC Extended Universe has run its course, Affleck will depart from Warner Brothers. I guarantee it.

I wonder, knowing that they are friends, if Affleck could convince Fincher to direct the film.

This is heaven. Right here. We're in it now.

Re: Affleck won't direct solo Batman film

It's best not to risk the success of this movie on an inexperienced director. Affleck already has enough on his plate anyway.