Arrow : Rank the midseason premiers

Rank the midseason premiers

Here's how I would place them, Best to Worst-

3x10 'Left Behind': Definitely the best of the bunch. It totally lived up to the awesome cliffhanger of the midseason finale by presenting us with a Team Arrow coming to terms with the fact that Oliver was dead and faced with the responsibility of preserving his legacy. One of the major themes of Season 3 was Team Arrow coming into its own as a concept beyond being Oliver's partners and this episode is the best 'proof of concept' that Team Arrow could have. And of course there's that awesome moment in the end where Laurel makes her debut as Black Canary.

5x10 'Who Are You?': This episode has a couple of issues (mainly Felicity's attitude and the narrative getting a little disjointed towards the end) but broadly its a pretty great start to 2017 for the show. The interactions between Oliver and Black Siren are handled perfectly. The two definitely have chemistry and the tragic subtext of their interactions (namely, both of them meeting the counterparts of their deceased lovers, as enemies) is played on to great effect. The idea of Oliver wanting to redeem himself by saving this Laurel where he failed with her counterpart moreover ties well into the broader theme of Oliver's legacy this season.

4x10 'Blood Debts': Its a decent enough episode, which perfectly slots into the middle of the list. A good episode, but nothing too great. This episode had some of the better Olicity moments of the season (as opposed to the cringeworthy nonsense we had most of the time). And Anarky of course was a decent enough villain-of-the-week who's conflict with Speedy was continuing to develop and was interest to watch.

2x10 'Blast Radius': Its a thoroughly mediocre episode, and it really stands out in what is probably the best season of the show too date. Its a definite drop from 'Three Ghosts', the midseason finale which was one of the best episodes of the show ever at the time and still holds up among the greats.

1x10 'Burned': Again, a pretty mediocre episode, coming off from a midseason finale that was really starting to ramp up the stakes in the then-new series.

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Re: Rank the midseason premiers

For me the following.

2.Who are you
3.Left Behind
4.Blood Debt
5. Blast Radius

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I can't rank them, they are all pretty bad.
Blast radius and Burned are not pivotal episodes, but in comparison to the others are masterpieces.
Who are you was a disaster, Left behind - boring, Blood Depts started good but was ruined with the final action scene.

Re: Rank the midseason premiers

1) Left Behind: 7/10.
2) Blast Radius: 5/10.
3) Burned: 3/10.
4) Blood Debts: 2/10.
5) Who are you: 1/10.