Arrow : Predictions you've made on 'Arrow' that came true...

Predictions you've made on 'Arrow' that came true...

We've all been there. We've predicted that certain twists/events/characters will occur on a show we're watching...and sometimes our theories (which may or may not be proposed by millions of other fans as well) actually come true, almost as though the showrunners were reading my mind.

So this thread is to list out all the examples of our fun speculation that actually came true, at least to some degree.

Needless to say, this thread has to operate on the 'honor system'...I'd encourage everyone to be honest about their predictions ;)

Here are some of my predictions on 'Arrow' which came true-

Season 1

-Tommy Merlyn will die. Not a hard prediction per se...I didn't have any factual basis for this. But Tommy and his whole story gave off a pretty strong 'Harry Osborn' vibe if you know what I mean. And given that he was part of a love triangle, the other two points being the two 'canonical' love interests - I felt its a safe bet he'd bite the bucket at some point to clear the way for Oliver and Laurel (of course, we know how THAT turned out...)

Season 2

-Shado would die in the flashbacks and Slade would consequently turn against Oliver. Granted, I had no idea that Slade's motivation would be romantic - I thought he would be outraged at Oliver's actions leading to a comrade's death.

-Thea would leave with Malcolm Merlyn once she found out about Oliver and Moira's deception regarding her parentage.

Season 3

-In the flashbacks this season, Oliver would get Robert's message about the List. When the season began I felt it would happen in Hong Kong (and involve Frank Chen) but once it was announced he would he returning to Starling City I simply KNEW that was when it would happen!

-In a more vague general sense, I felt this was the year in the flashbacks where Oliver's story really takes a dark turn and he goes from being someone unable to return home to someone who actively chose to continue his exile - and the season finale of course proved me right.

-Thea would end the season as a member of the team, as Speedy. Though admittedly that may have been obvious right from the start.

Season 4

-Oliver would end the season as the mayor. Might have been obvious from the start though.

-The season would end with Team Arrow disbanded and Oliver flying solo again. I just didn't expect Felicity to stay.

-Diggle would kill Andy (once Andy was revealed to be a traitor) and this would lead him to leave the team.

Season 5

-Lance would become Deputy Mayor (an extension of that prediction is that he ends the season of the mayor...jury's still out on that).

-Prometheus is linked to someone on the List. Though admittedly this was obvious once it was announced that Prometheus is the result of Oliver's actions in Season 1.

-Black Siren would show up. This theory evolved over time - originally I thought she'd show up in the crossover. Then, when Laurel showed up alive at the end of the midseason finale I figured it was Black Siren impersonating her. (The next part of the prediction is that Oliver reforms her, they fall in love, and Black Siren becomes the new Black Canary...jury's still out on that).

-Talia would show up in the flashbacks, and trained Oliver. I also believed she would be linked to Prometheus, which seems to be the case.

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Re: Predictions you've made on 'Arrow' that came true...

Oh god, I don't even remember at this point.
I remember the "aren't dead" ones.
Deadshot clearly wasn't dead in his first appearance. They wouldn't have given him such a thick, blocky eyepiece if they were killing him.
Malcolm wasn't really dead.
Roy's "death" would be a big retarded set-up.

The one we'll never ever find out in no way is if Sara Diggle grows up to be Deadshot.

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