Arrow : How can they get "justice" for Billy?

How can they get "justice" for Billy?

Ok I just realised in this episode you had Felicity all like we gotta kill Prometheus he has to die, and Oliver is like we will get justice for Billy implying he's not going to kill Prometheus atleast how I took it in the moment, so the question is how do they do this? I mean I get why, Billy was a cop so Oliver wants to do it the right way, plus he's the mayor and would need to actually settle this issue instead of just having Prometheus disappear one way or another to calm down the people of Star City.

So how do they do this the closest they can get is catch him and hand him to Argus but that wont settle the people because Argus is like a secret agency and all that, and they cant put him in the regular system because A: he's too dangerous and B: he could reveal who Oliver is to everyone, so unless they plan to out Oliver as GA again by seasons end how do they take down Prometheus without killing him, in a way so that the public see's it and without Prometheus being able to dob Oliver in for being GA?

I'm assuming Evelyn's just gonna get killed or repent because she in no way fits an Argus level threat, what do you guys think, will they find a way to meet these criteria, do away with one issue altogether or is there no issue and I'm reading too much into the justice comment by Oliver? figured id ask, because before this I just assumed he'd end up killing Prometheus and everyone would know ala Dahrk but now I'm not so sure.

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The word 'justice' gets thrown around quiet often, on this show and a lot of other superhero media as well, often as an alternative to killing. And sometimes its not really thought through.

For instance, in Season 3, there was talk about Roy being brought to 'justice' if he was the one who killed Sara. Which, if you think about it, makes no sense AT ALL - firstly, Sara 'officially' wasn't declared dead and so there wasn't even an official homicide case. Secondly, its not as though Roy can just go and confess to a crime which officially hasn't even been committed, and if he did, there's no way it could happen without jeopardizing Oliver's identity.

In Season 4, the team were pretty adamant about bringing Darkh to 'justice' i.e. through the legal system. And they were struggling to get Darkh remanded to custody in court and Lance even had to sacrifice his career in the police force in order to make the testimony that got that done. But they could have simply gotten Lyla to take Darkh into ARGUS custody. So evidently, bringing Darkh to 'justice' meant actually putting him through the court system - for all the good that did! And in the end Oliver just ended up killing Darkh and was celebrated as a hero for it, with Quentin calling THAT justice.

I suppose in the case of Prometheus, because he's publicly known to be a threat and is wanted by the police, bringing him in and putting him on trial IS possible. And the whole "he knows Oliver's identity" thing is an issue, but not THAT big a one because it'd be his word against Oliver's (and there's been too much 'crying wolf' over Oliver's identity already). But I sure hope Oliver doesn't go to stupid lengths to bring Prometheus in, when killing him would be far easier and cost fewer lives in the long term. And it did seem in the midseason finale that killing Prometheus was the plan.

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Depending on who Prometheus is behind the mask I only see two options moving forward with his character. 'Arrow' will end this season with Oliver killing Prometheus in a big battle where Prometheus is wearing the traditional armoured suit or Prometheus will turn face and become one of his team.

I can see a Prometheus face turn coming. 😄


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Re: How can they get "justice" for Billy?

Same way they got for Sara in season 3 or for Tommy after season 1.